Harry, My Angel


The blue lines

Announce your presence.

But I knew you were

With me,


Any pee on a stick


Displayed life.


Such a quiet


In my womb.

Always quiet.

All 21 weeks

We were together.


Your peacefulness

Told me

There was unease.

That you weren’t meant to stay.



When we heard

The words




A knowing shock

Overtook me.


Awake with you

For the week

I was still

Holding you

In my womb,

Still giving you life.


The day arrived.

Remember, remember

The fifth of November.

A homely room

For two.

No, for three.


“Take this pill”

They said.

The pill

To ensure

You were

Born sleeping.

Too shocking

To comprehend


You would come


That same day.


“You don’t

Have to endure


They said.


A live birth,

In another room,


No pain relief.

For hours.


Oh the blinding


Until finally,

The big needle

Gave some respite.



Exploded outside.

While inside

Oh so peacefully,

You arrived.


Forever sleeping.

So tiny.


Dressed as an


I held you close.

I kissed you.


We said goodbye

To you.

And then,

They took away

Your physical body


There were no tears.

Just a chasm,

So deep,

No emotion

Could surface.


No baby

To hold

On the journey home,

After birth.

Just your tiny

Hand and footprints.


In the days after,

Life-giving milk


From my breasts.

How utterly



But still no tears.

Until I saw

Your toy-sized


And finally,

We wept together.


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