Hi, I’m Leora.

What an honour it is to share
therapies that invite
women to seek and
connect to their
innate wisdom.

Hi, I’m Leora.

What an honour it is to share therapies that invite women to seek and connect to their innate wisdom.

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I am a hugely blessed!

Being driven by my heart and soul, to offer women the gift and opportunity, to make a deep and lasting connection to herself. To invite in self-kindness, self-knowledge, and a belief that she is the mistress of her own path to healing. To navigate the shifts and changes in her daily life, and her life journeys.

See what I mean…hugely blessed!

Since I entered the world of complementary medicine in 1996, when my studies in Holistic Aromatherapy began, the learning process has never ended.

All these years down the line, each client I have had the honour to work with, from teenagers to women post-memopause, I learn more and more. I have such gratitude to have been taught by some of the wisest of teachers, who have also guided me through my own healing journey.

Now, I have honed a number of modalities, Womb & Fertility Massage™, EFT and Aromatherapy, along with Menstrual Education, to support clients emotionally, physically, and psycho-spiritually.

Through my learning journey with Red School, in 2018 I was amongst the first group of women to train and to graduate as a Menstrual Medicine Circle Facilitator, a new process of facilitation, guiding women to the insight and wisdom they hold within themselves, via the landscape of the menstrual cycle.

Alongside my client work, as co-founder of Woman Kind with Kate Codrington, we have been offering insightful self-care retreats for women since 2015. Our latest offering is here.

Also in 2018, I completed training as an Associate Instructor in Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy™, now teaching practitioner training throughout the UK.

We can work together one to one at my clinic in Shenley, Hertfordshire, or online via Skype or Zoom.

I look forward to working with you. 

“You had the power all along, my dear”

Glinda the Good Witch

Qualifications and training

Tisserand Institute Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy, March 1999

Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork, February 2000

Reiki I, March 2000

Reiki II, March 2001

Reiki III and Master/Teacher, April 2004

Aromatherapy and Massage in Pregnancy and Labour, October 2004

Professional Practice and Instruction of Infant Massage, June 2006

Infertility, Gynaecology and Aromatherapy, November 2007

Aromatherapy Product Blending, March 2009

Japanese Holistic Face Massage, September 2010

Deep Tissue Massage, November 2010

Caring for Pregnant Clients, February 2012

Level 1 Emotional Freedom Techniques, April 2012

Aromatherapy Research & Synergy of Essential Oil Constituents, May 2012

Trigger Point Therapy, November 2012

Aromatic Spirituous Water Seminar, September 2013

Abdominal-Sacral Massage Practitioner, November 2013

Level 2 Emotional Freedom Techniques, March 2014

EFT for Birth Professionals, March 2014

Fertility Massage Practitioner, May 2014

Rebozo for Pregnancy, Labour and Bodywork, July 2014

Healing Foods for Women’s Health: The Fertile Years, January 2015

Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul, January 2015

Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, May 2015

Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology, June 2015

Moon Mother Training, December 2015

Aromatherapy for Hormonal Seasons, September 2016

New Generation of Essential Oils, October 2016

Women’s Quest Apprenticeship – Leadership training in Menstruality, January 2017

Award in Education and Training – July 2017

Menstrual Medicine Circle Facilitator – July 2018

Fertiity Massage Therapy Instructor – August 2018

Emergency First Aid at Work (2019)

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