You rocked my world!

I will never forget your non-judgemental attitude when I first walked into your treatment room. I always felt so safe about sharing anything with you. You have a very warm, nurturing and welcoming way about you.

Any woman, who feels she is “stuck” in her life, whether she is on her fertility journey or not… Your treatments were a wonderful way to reconnect with myself…You introduced me to my womb, to ME.

Every time I think about our work together (my tears, my laughter during and after a treatment), it puts a smile on my face!





I have laughed more, cried more, explored more, challenged more, accepted more and rejected more.

I enjoy your authenticity, your insight, your extensive skill set, your warmth, your empathy, your generous time, your listening ear and your non-judgement. It is safe, professional, deep, challenging yet insightful and nurturing.

Just to thank you for helping me through this deep personal transition in my health and menopausal journey. Profound changes are happening to me and you are supporting me to guide them in a positive, life enhancing direction.



I found seeing Leora to be a truly transformative experience. Before seeing her I had worried about my fertility (mainly because of my age). She worked with me calmly gently and very very intuitively and, basically, helped my body get ready for pregnancy. She gave me faith back and I believed in my body again.

We got pregnant the first month we tried – which was a very happy shock!

I went back to her on several​ occasions for pregnancy massages. These made me feel good. As a couple she also came and helped us prepare for the birth, by teaching my husband gentle massage techniques. These gave us a route to bond very deeply in the final months and weeks of pregnancy, when my body was uncomfortable, I was tired and we we trying to deal with the changes happening. The gentle, supportive and non intrusive way in which Leora talked us through, and showed us, made all the difference and turned something which had been stressful – him knowing how to massage me in the best way – to something we both looked forward too.
Again, she was there for us to deal with the emotions. And her sessions helped us prepare for the birth and also to accept some of the more challenging​ things about our hospital birth experience. I cannot really explain how she does this, accept through instinct and a real gentleness.
Thinking back to before I went to Leora I was a bit unsure and not very confident about what fertility massage was or if it was a bit weird! It flatly wasn’t. I think the way to think about it is massage or treatment, just one for at that time of your life and by someone who understands what you are going through. And who is willing to find out how you are really actually doing underneath all the platitudes you trot out during this time to everyone else.
Thank you Leora for everything you have done for me personally, and me and my husband together, and now for our FAMILY over the last couple of years.




You create a lovely peaceful and safe environment to just be in which in my hectic life is so important. I really enjoyed your very gentle approach too.

I would recommend to any lady that has a busy life, is trying to juggle and ignores her basic needs. Especially to ladies trying to conceive or going through IVF. I think it’s really important to understand the importance of how we are ruled by our cycle and to connect with our bodies rather than detaching from them.

Keep an open mind, the work can be intense especially if you have had loss of a pregnancy but you are in very safe hands.




You are so easy to talk to and open up to and to laugh with too…I truly extol the benefits I have found from coming to see you; like me (the old me) they may feel they have too much going on in their lives already or they see such sessions as too much of an indulgence…maybe they don’t feel they deserve to give themselves such a ‘treat’…but I won’t stop talking about the benefit I get from our sessions.

I hope your other clients feel as lucky as I do to have found you.




After the session I immediately felt stronger and lighter. During the week I experienced feelings and emotions which I have always found difficult to get in touch with. I feel lighter, like many parts of me have become integrated and I’m more at peace in myself. I have more energy for myself and others.

I find I get so much more from your work than I did in psychotherapy. I think it’s partly what you do (which will always mystify me, but it’s good not to know!) and largely because you are a natural healer who makes me feel safe just by being you – and that allows the healing to take place.

Thank you so much for helping me feel like some really deep change is taking place.



Thank you for my wonderful pregnancy massage! Words can’t describe how lovely it felt (for both me and bump) you truly do have magical hands! You’re so warm, caring and easy to talk to and you have always given me such great advice.



I like the way in which you put your whole self into your massages, you are focused and something that stands out with your treatment is that I always felt at ease and this is not often with massages.

I’m not lying when I say that the massage and the shawl (rebozo) massage I had done before IVF was probably the most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my life. I also loved the visualisations that were added through the treatments.

Also trust is important in a therapy like this and I certainly feel that I can trust you, also you have the right level of empathy and I liked sniffing the different oils you decide to use at the beginning.



People should know how passionate you are about what you do and how that comes through in your treatments and the amazing empathy you have. You take the time to listen to your clients and treat them appropriately, which I feel is rare.



I first met Leora and was immediately relaxed by her calm energy. I was slightly nervous. But needn’t have been. By the time the treatment got to the womb massage my body had deeply relaxed after the sacral treatment and reassuring rocking movements. After the first complete treatment I knew what to expect for future ones…and I was looking forward to it.

I know everyone’s experiences will  be different, but I was guided with gentle words such as “go to a place feel you peaceful” and from there I went on little journeys each time, seeing different images, feeling different colours, accessing different memories. During this time it felt like Leora was supporting my journey through the unusual movements she was performing, and asking questions or keeping silent at the right times. I knew I wasn’t alone even if I became tearful, and I felt in a very, very safe place. At the end of each of the last three treatments I felt immense lightness and openness, which I had been missing for a long time. I am grateful to Leora for helping me to know myself a bit better, to have my menstrual cycle return to a more peaceful place. I sincerely welcome my womb into my world.

I am much more inclined to nurture myself as a result of this specific massage, and I feel more grounded and connected to myself. I have a new deep respect for my body and its capabilities, and I am grateful to Leora for facilitating this so beautifully for me. I feel like I released many things that I was holding on to which were draining me.

With great love and respect.



Leora was recommended by a friend for pregnancy massage. I can’t recommend her more highly she is brilliant!

I have had pre and post pregnancy massages even ones when my baby’s were weeks old. The treatments leave you feeling revitalised and ready to tackle the world of work or children again having had a little bit of you time!

Leora is both patient understanding and reactive which ensures the massage is exactly tailored to your needs.