Womb Massage

Welcome to your guided self-care womb massage.

Self-kindness is rarely straightforward and full of ease, so here’s a helping hand, as you connect in to a guided womb massage.

Allow yourself about 30 minutes for the practice.

Have some oil or massage balm to hand.

Be ready to lie down on your back with cushions and pillows under your knees. This will support your back, but also allow your ovaries, to fall back too.

The massage is suitable for everyone with a womb, or no longer has a womb after a hysterectomy; connecting to your womb space is powerful whether she’s physically there or not.

For after the massage, have some water ready, as you’ll want to flush out any toxins physically released and shift any energy that needs moving.

***Please don’t do self-massage if you are menstruating or if you have a coil fitted.

If you’re on your fertility journey, and trying to conceive naturally, you can massage your womb/ lower belly until ovulation; after ovulation, you can follow the guidance for the upper belly, but stop at the womb massage itself.

Please ask questions if you’d like further advice or want support with your self-care massage.

Enjoy your journey with your womb massage

…and go gently xxx