Womb & Fertility Massage

How often do you show your belly some love and kindness?

Our abdomen is such a sacred area; an area that holds the bulk of our digestive system and our reproductive organs. It’s also where we hold our emotions and a connection to our past and ancestral lines.

To receive massage on your belly and your lower back opens up the possibility of both physical and emotional release, connection and deep relaxation.

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When might Womb and Fertility Massage support you?


Your fertility journey

Womb and digestive health are paramount at this challenging time. Not only is circulation increased in these important areas, you also have the opportunity to receive emotional support

Menstrual issues

Painful or heavy periods, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis can all be supported by a nurturing Womb Massage

Peri-menopause and menopause

At these uncertain times of change in our bodies, Womb Massage supports the connection and awareness of shifts taking place

Digestive problems

IBS, constipation and bloating are all supported. By receiving Womb Massage the action of massaging the colon and small intestines aids healthy movement in digestion

Emotional trauma

The nature of the treatment; holding and encouraging release, makes Womb Massage a wonderful support to emotional trauma

Your life journey

Many women find that the connection they can make with themselves, is reason enough to come for a Womb  Massage. As we navigate ever-changing lives, lifestyles and events; time spent receiving such a deeply nurturing treatment, may be just the perfect gift you can give yourself.

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What might a Womb Massage experience involve?

No two treatments are alike as I work with your needs on that day, but generally, this is what you might receive during a treatment:

We always start with a consultation to explore how the session can help you in that moment, or on your fertility or life journey

A bespoke choice of essential oils are made to suit your physical, psychological and emotional requirements

The session may begin with pulsing, a gentle rocking which has been described as the “tai chi of massage”. The rhythmic movements encourage release or highlight where there is holding in your body.

Gentle, releasing massage strokes on your lower back and sacrum to encourage circulation, lymph and nerve flow

More gentle rocking with rebozos also encouraging release, relaxation and movement around your womb area

Massage over your upper and lower abdomen – circulation is key in this under-circulated area of our body.

There may also be just gentle holding around certain areas of your womb and upper abdomen

Visualisations may be brought in, again depending on your needs

Each session ends with a rebozo wrap. It acts as a gift at the end of the treatment, to be held and contained. Followed by a peaceful unwrapping, which allows a reawakening and blossoming. A restoring of the soul

Guidance for self-care will follow, after and in between treatments

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