Since Egyptian times, it has been documented that combining the physical and psychological effects of aromatic or essential oils and massage can lead to an exquisite sense of relaxation.

Your initial aromatherapy treatment will include a consultation to identify your physical and emotional requirements. A bespoke blend of organic or wild-crafted oils, and the depth and speed of the massage is then tailored to your unique needs.

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A range of issues may lead you to try an aromatherapy massage:

Fertility and Pregnancy

Muscle tension and pain

Joint pain

Depression and anxiety

Digestive issues

Circulatory issues

To take time out to relax

Increase your body awareness

Show your commitment to self-care

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Although applying essential oils through massage is beautiful, but there are other ways to bring the oils in to your life: you may wish to diffuse them, use them in the bath, on compresses for localised pain, roller balls on pulse points perhaps to aid sleep and anxiety.

As part of your treatment you may receive advice or oils to allow self-care at home.

It is advisable to consult an aromatherapist before using oils to be assured you’re using appropriate dilutions and oils that are suitable for your needs. Also some oils are not safe to use during pregnancy, and dilutions need to be adjusted.

I’m on hand for a consultation if you would like more information and guidance.

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