Pregnancy Massage

Never more than during pregnancy is nurture, comfort and gentle touch so yearned for.

Pregnancy Massage with essential oils offers a chance for mums-to-be to snuggle up with comfy pillows while being gently massaged with safe and supportive strokes during each trimester of your pregnancy.

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First Trimester

Gentle strokes, without essential oils may be helpful to:

Settle your body in early pregnancy.

Manage your feelings about your pregnancy

Find a place for some essential relaxation

Certain Essential Oils, under guidance, may be useful for nausea and vomiting.

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Second Trimester

After 12 weeks, a safe dilution of essential oils can be introduced, as you lie comfortably tucked up for your massage. This may help with:

Easing muscular aches

Addressing sleep issues

Relieve heartburn

Depression and anxiety

Poor circulation




Skin changes

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Third Trimester

Supported in a side-lying position, using appropriate oils, aromatherapy massage may:

Reduce stress on weight baring joints

Release oxytocin into the body

Manage oedema and swelling in the joints

Towards the end of your pregnancy help to prepare your body for the birth

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Postnatal Massage

Once you feel ready for a massage after the birth of your baby you can begin to:

Recover from the birth

Ease your aches and pains, (lifting baby and feeding)

Get some ever so precious me-time

An advice service is also available for oils to use during labour and after the birth.

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