Supporting your journey through womanhood…

Girls cross over into womanhood; women navigate ever-changing lives; reaching menopause and the adventure beyond.

It’s a joy to provide women a space for nurture, sanctuary, and exploration, as these life journeys are traversed.

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We live in a time when we are actively encouraged to push through life regardless of how is affects us physically, psychologically or emotionally. I invite you to explore an alternative form of care where you are nourished by whichever therapy suits your present life story.

Choose from Womb Massage, Fertility Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Menstrual Medicine Circles, Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Aromatherapy Massage with a bespoke choice of essential oils.

All therapies are held by the principles of Menstruality and menstrual cycle or moon cycle awareness.

By offering guidance in methods of self-understanding that can have profound effects on your well-being.

Supporting your menstrual journey

Supporting your fertility journey

Supporting your pregnancy journey

Supporting your menopause journey

Supporting your life journey



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