Eternal Mothering

The threshold ⁣ Of motherhood⁣ Is crossed.⁣ Our being ⁣ Shifts,⁣ From the moment ⁣ We share space ⁣ With another. ⁣ Yet who will also mother us?⁣ ⁣ When they stay,⁣ We are joyous.⁣ If it’s not their ⁣ Time to stay,⁣ We grieve and we grieve. ⁣ And we’re grateful they... read more

You’re not getting it wrong

You’re not getting it wrong.

These are the insidious words that can swirl around our heads when we’re on a healing journey, particularly a chronic condition healing path.

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Chalice of Self-Worth

Before you immerse yourself in New Year, New You, you are invited to raise your chalice of self-worth… Who holds The chalice? Our measurement Of self-worth? Who decides? Ancestors? History? Society? Colleagues? Friends? Family? Our puzzle pieces May fit... read more

Hunkering down for the winter

Are you feeling the call to slow down? The energy of winter pulling you inwards? How easy is it to listen to the call at this festive time? As winter solstice falls upon us, we may find ourselves searching for warmth and enduring comfort. On the day of the longest... read more

Wave Of Light

Isn’t it strange that we live in a time when communication has never been faster, never been more immediate, or more intense; yet there are still so many subjects that remain taboo. Baby loss is one of them. Whether through miscarriage, still birth, termination due to... read more

Stepping into Power as the Lights Dim

“As the year rolls on and autumn arrives, all of nature prepares for fruition and going to seed, or to store up reserves for the winter” (The Language of Plants, Julia Graves) It’s Autumn Equinox here in the northern hemisphere. Before our energy... read more

You’ll find me in my cave…

What’s the nature of your internal landscape? Does your menstrual cycle match that of the yearly cycle? Are you menstruating in sync with the shortest day? Are you within your inner summer, ovulating and craving an expansiveness that is hard to reach on a wintry day? Breath in to where you are at this winter solstice.

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It’s all about the Bloody Journeying

First is the ever so simple act of introducing cycle awareness in to your life. That’s menstrual cycle awareneness in your menstruating years, or with the lunar cycle, if you’re post menopause, breast feeding, not having menstrual cycles, or post hysterectomy.

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Making Love and Light

We enter summer here in the northern hemisphere, when Mama Earth is at her most fertile. As you read this, be aware of where you are in your menstrual cycle. Are you in your ovulatory or your internal summer season? How does it feel to be in synch with the great Mama? Or are you menstruating, your internal winter, perhaps feeling at odds with the expansiveness of summer?

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