Lighting the Way Out of the Darkeness

Is it just me or has it felt like an extraordinarily long winter this year? As Spring Equinox was finally with us yesterday, I welcome in the light with immense gratitude, the balance that it brought and now for all the new possibilities and a time of ascension. A... read more

Finding the Ease Within

It feels as though there is an immense pressure on us to always be positive, always be happy, no matter what; and as much as creating a good sense of self and well-being is an integral part of my professional intention, it’s also important to recognise that this is often a huge burden. I mean, what happens if you’re not feeling upbeat? If you can’t always see the joy in everything around you?

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Hanging Out With Zelda!

So, how does it feel to hang out with your harshest critic? And what can you do to protect yourself from her words? Let me introduce you to Zelda – she has an opinion on pretty much everything, rarely has anything kind to say and often pops in to say hello at... read more

A Bloody Good Reason to Fall for your Menstrual Cycle

What’s all the fuss about? Yes, us women have periods! Live with it! Lets face it, it’s all totally inconvenient; having to make sure we’re carrying enough sanitary towels or tampons, you know, the ones that in the adverts turn us in to superwoman. Despite what those adverts infer, our bodies might actually be crying out for some down time, so that’s just more inconvenience to deal with and a real sign of weakness, so we feel the compulsion to power on.

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How many groups or systems or constellations are you part of? Our ancestral lines; family; different friendship groups; work colleagues; those you share a hobby with – a book club, a walking group; the same people you commute with each day; parents on the school playground..? The list could go on and on.

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Come and Meet My Good Friend Trauma

It’s an incredibly hard concept to fathom that companionship can develop with trauma. How can you possibly build a deep and comforting relationship with an event, a feeling, a pain, even a thought that has had such destructive consequences on your whole being?

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How To Turn 360 Degrees and Come Up Fighting

What if you were able to gain access to a source of power, of creativity, of action; a place where your voice will be heard, usually taking different guises – sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes with sheer glee, sometimes with uncompromising honesty, sometimes... read more

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